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Statement from Executive Secretary-Treasurer Susie Martinez Regarding Brandished Firearm

Alexandra Noriega
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Susie Martinez, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Nevada State AFL-CIO, issues the following statement concerning an alarming incident where a man brandished a firearm against a UA Local 525 member on the picket line

“The right to strike is a fundamental, protected cornerstone for workers seeking fair treatment from employers who fail to engage in good-faith negotiations. On Tuesday, November 14th at approximately 4:45am, a disturbing incident unfolded as a man brandished a weapon against members of the Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 525 who were peacefully on strike against Mission Support and Test Services in Las Vegas, NV. 

The act of threatening workers on a picket line is a betrayal of our shared American values and will not be tolerated. Local 525 has diligently engaged in negotiations with MSTS for the past three months, yet MSTS consistently delayed and impeded the negotiation process, leaving workers no choice but to exercise their right to strike. It is imperative to emphasize that MSTS has through their own actions created an unsafe environment by refusing to engage in fair and just negotiations. 

Let us be clear, MSTS wants their ‘pound of flesh’ and sent Nye County Sheriff deputies to North Las Vegas in an attempt to find strikers violating the law as an intimidation tactic. While MSTS puts workers at risk we will continue to stand in solidarity with the members of Local 525 in the fight for a fair contract and that demand workers’ rights to exercise our voice on the job remains free from any form of intimidation.”