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Executive Secretary-Treasurer (Principal Officer)

Susie Martinez


Susie Martinez is a 35 year dues paying union member of the Teamsters Local 986, native Nevadan, former Nevada Assemblywoman (2018-2022), and current Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Nevada State AFL-CIO. 

In 1959, Susie’s parents moved to Las Vegas to build a better life for their four daughters. Susie and her sisters were raised to always care for their neighbors, and to take every opportunity to give back to the community that had given so much to them.

In adulthood, Susie set to work in the hospitality industry and, just as she was raised, joined Teamsters Local 986 to join the fight to better working conditions for her coworkers. Through her union job, Susie provided an excellent life for her daughter, Victoria, who she raised as a single mother. During her 30-plus years in the hospitality industry and the labor movement, Susie steadfastly advocated for her co-workers through grievance and contract negotiations to fight for stronger wages, better benefits, and safer working conditions. 

Fighting for her labor brothers and sisters is what inspired Susie to run for office as the Assemblywoman for Nevada Assembly District 12, taking office in 2018. After serving her community in that position— and passing numerous pieces of legislation to better the lives of working families across Nevada — she decided to again focus her attention on the labor movement and threw her hat in the ring to become the Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Nevada State AFL-CIO. 

At the 65th Nevada State AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention in August 2021, Susie made history as the first woman and first Latina to be elected to lead the Nevada State AFL-CIO. She is also the only person in history to serve as an elected official and the head of the Nevada State AFL-CIO at the same time (2021-2022). 

Executive Secretary-Treasurer Susie Martinez also serves as:

  • Chairwoman of United Labor Agency of Nevada (ULAN) 
  • National AFL-CIO State Federation and Central Labor Council Advisory Committee Member
  • Grace Carroll Rocky Mountain Labor School Board Member
  • Southern Nevada United Way Board Member