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Constituency Groups

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The AFL-CIO is a diverse and inclusive family of working people. We advocate for all workers. Our constituency groups address the challenges that workers from diverse backgrounds face. These groups reach out to the communities they serve, build solidarity, help out with organizing efforts and ensure full participation in our movement. 

A. Philip Randolph Institute: APRI is an alliance between labor and the civil rights movement. Today, it fights for racial equality and economic justice.

Alliance for Retired Americans: The Alliance’s mission is to ensure civil rights for retirees and older Americans. Educated members mobilize to elect leaders dedicated to social and economic justice.

Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance: APALA is the nation’s first national organization of AAPI workers. It focuses on advancing worker, immigrant and civil rights.

Coalition of Black Trade Unionists: CBTU is an independent voice for black workers within the labor movement.

Coalition of Labor Union Women: CLUW unifies union women to face shared concerns. The coalition focuses on action on issues important to women workers.

Labor Council for Latin American Advancement: LCLAA represents 2 million Latino workers. The council organizes working people to protect the rights and expand the influence of Latinos.

Pride At Work: Pride@Work brings together the labor movement and the LGBTQ community in pursuit of social and economic justice.

Union Veterans Council: The council brings together workers who are veterans and speaks out on issues that affect them the most.

The Nevada State AFL-CIO is hard at work kickstarting its first set of Constituency Committee Programs. These programs will help bring Nevada's labor movement together, help members build camaraderie with others who share their backgrounds and interests, and ensure that we can continue to mobilize workers across the state.

Interested in learning more about any of these committees? Fill out the form HERE and an organizer will contact you to provide you with the details you want.

For more information, please contact the Organizing Department.