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Nevada State AFL-CIO Commends President Biden for New Project Labor Agreement Executive Order

Alexandra Noriega
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Las Vegas, NV — The Nevada State AFL-CIO commends President Biden’s executive order today that will require Project Labor Agreements for most large-scale Federal construction projects. This is a remarkable step towards preventing worker exploitation, and ensuring accountability in constructions projects that will be a pillar in Nevada’s economy. This order will contribute to projects being completed in a timely manner by requiring sufficient staff with highly skilled and trained workers. 


“Union-built construction projects are projects that create opportunity for workers in Nevada that ensure fairness, efficiency, and are projects that are built to last,” said Executive Secretary-Treasurer Susie Martinez. “The Nevada State AFL-CIO recognizes the impact this executive order will have for Nevadans by fostering a collaborative effort between workers and contractors that prioritizes the well-being of union workers. We applaud President Biden for always championing workers’ rights and putting Nevada’s unions families first.”