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Nevada State AFL-CIO Calls on Governor Lombardo to Sign AB456 Into Law to Keep Rail Workers and Communities Safe

Stephanie Justice
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CARSON CITY —  Today, the Nevada State AFL-CIO applauded the legislature’s passage of Assembly Bill 456, which would increase protections for rail workers and regulate the length of freight trains that are run on Nevada’s railroads, and urged Governor Lombardo to sign the legislation into law.

“This legislation couldn’t have come at a more critical time as train derailments across the country are putting railroad companies under much-needed scrutiny. Nevada isn’t a stranger to such accidents, but we must put measures in place right now to ensure that our state doesn’t experience a tragedy that would have long-lasting consequences for its communities,” said Nevada State AFL-CIO Executive Secretary-Treasurer Susie Martinez. I urge Governor Lombardo to enact this bill into law and give Nevada’s rail workers the protections that they have been requesting for far too long. It is time that we think of their futures and guarantee that our railway towns never have to experience the devastating toll of a railroad disaster.”

 "Assembly Bill 456 in Nevada presents a significant opportunity for reform in our state's railroad safety and community well-being. The provisions of this bill, from addressing the risks associated with excessively long and heavy trains to setting standards for wayside train defect detectors, are essential for mitigating hazards and preventing avoidable accidents. Moreover, AB456's mandate to resolve the issue of blocked crossings highlights our commitment to ensuring that our railroads are considerate neighbors rather than obstacles within our communities,” said Jason Doering, Chair and Director of the Nevada State Legislative Board. “Following today's crucial vote in the Senate, we appeal to Governor Lombardo to expedite signing it into law. This is not just about transforming railroad safety standards in Nevada; it's about establishing a national benchmark, demonstrating that the well-being of our citizens must always take precedence over operational cost-cutting. With the passage of AB456, Nevada has the chance to pioneer a safer, more responsive, and more accountable railroad network."

"Unlike their counterparts in Pennsylvania and Kansas, where legislation similar to AB456 has garnered broad, bipartisan support, Nevada Republicans have so far failed to stand up to a railroad industry which has placed shareholder value ahead of safety,” said Matt Parker, Chairman of the Nevada State Legislative Board and member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen. “Nevadans deserve better than legislators who are willing to allow their constituents to be traumatized like the residents of East Palestine, Ohio, in favor of higher railroad profits."