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Nevada State AFL-CIO Applauds Passage of AB214, Urges Governor Lombardo to Prioritize Safety of Transit Workers

Stephanie Justice
24 May, 2023
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CARSON CITY — Today, Nevada State AFL-CIO Executive Secretary-Treasurer Susie Martinez released the following statement following the legislature passing Assembly Bill 214, which would increase safety measures to protect both transit workers and passengers, as well as empower workers in their everyday jobs.

“I commend our pro-labor leaders in the legislature for passing Assembly Bill 214 and consciously choosing to make the lives of Nevada’s transit workers better and safer. I encourage Governor Lombardo to make the same choice that our legislators have by signing this bill into law and ensuring the welfare of our workers. As they keep Nevadans on the move every single day, they deserve nothing less than a secure work environment that gives them the power to make change.”

Assembly Bill 214 would establish basic requirements for entities that wish to be awarded a contract for high-capacity transit projects to meet, including intent to pay the applicable prevailing wage and provide a health insurance plan to all employees. It would also strengthen the ability of a regional transportation commission to use surveillance systems to ensure the safety of workers and passengers.  Additionally, it would revise the population requirement for a county to establish an advisory committee relating to public transportation and require the creation of positions specifically for public transit workers.