Nevada's working people are rising, pushing our state forward

Statement by Nevada State AFL-CIO Executive Secretary Treasurer Rusty McAllister on the 2018 midterm election results:

Nevada working families were determined to fill the halls of power with leaders who share our values, who want to make our state and our country a better place for all working people. Across Nevada, union members gave their all in service of that shared goal. Their passion and dedication drove an extraordinary campaign, one that built upon and surpassed our accomplishments in 2016. Working together, we knocked on more than 580,000 doors and spoke to more than 136,000 voters in-person and over the phone about the best candidates for working families and the ballot initiatives that will impact their lives.

Union members know that when working people join together, we have the power to enact incredible change -- even in the face of incredible odds. Our 2018 labor political program was an enormous group effort, and we thank everyone who helped to move our state toward a brighter future. We are proud to have done our part to help elect working family champions Jacky Rosen to the US Senate and Steve Sisolak to the Governor’s office, to send a solid, pro-worker majority in our state legislature, and to defeat a risky, corporate-funded energy deregulation effort.

Working people are on the rise in Nevada. We are taking the energy and momentum that powered the Nevada Labor 2018 program and we are building a long term movement to improve the lives of working families. Tonight was filled with many historic victories, but it is not the end. Nevada working people are just getting started.