Nevada State AFL-CIO: We Stand with Teamsters 533

Carson City, Nev. — Today, the Nevada AFL-CIO released a statement in support of Teamsters Local 533 members, who have once again been forced to head to the picket line in the wake of transgressions against workers from Keolis Transit, the for-profit operator of the Regional Transportation Commission public bus transit system in Washoe County (RTC-RIDE).

Despite Teamsters 533 conducting a strike for more than a week in August of this year, France-based Keolis corporation continues to disregard the well-being of regional transit operators and support staff. Keolis agreed to join Teamsters Local 533 in a participatory negotiation process in August but has thus far only engaged in four negotiation sessions, and has attempted to delay the process at every turn.

In response to Keolis’ continued mistreatment of RTC workers, and unwillingness to cooperate with Teamsters 533, the Nevada State AFL-CIO released the following statement: 

“The transgressions we are witnessing against our brothers and sisters in Teamsters 533 fly in the face of workers’ rights everywhere—and we call on Keolis Transit to stop stonewalling the negotiations process with Teamsters 533 and begin treating their workers with the respect and dignity they deserve while on the job. We unequivocally stand with our brothers and sisters as they begin a second strike against Keolis Transit. This corporation, and RTC, benefit from taxpayer dollars and then use those dollars to further the abuse and mistreatment of our union brothers and sisters, with no transparency or accountability. Keolis can no longer be allowed to operate with reckless abandon for the care and well-being of their employees and we applaud Teamsters 533 for taking a stand and walking the picket line!”

In June, the NNCLC of the state federation unanimously passed a strike sanction resolution for Teamsters 533. Teamsters 533 then conducted a strike for more than a week, demanding that Keolis come to the table to negotiate a fair contract with the union. The resolution came on the heels of numerous transgressions against workers committed by Keolis, including failing to pay more than $50,000 in 2019 worker health insurance premiums; paying strikebreakers; refusing to implement local, state, and federal mask and social distancing COVID-19 requirements and ordering drivers not to enforce these measures under threat of firing; and refusing to give the union information on the dozens of employees who contracted COVID-19, at least two of whom were admitted to intensive care.