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Nevada State AFL-CIO Urges Supports Freedom to Vote Act for Workers’ Future

Shelbie Swartz
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Las Vegas, Nev. The Senate recently introduced the Freedom to Vote Act, a revised version of the For the People Act, to protect Americans’ freedom to vote in each and every election. Today, advocates around the country rallied in support of the legislation.

This bill, paired with the John Lewis Voting Rights Act (S. 4) would safeguard all Americans’ right to vote. Both Nevada Senators Catherine Cortez Masto and Jacky Rosen cosponsored S. 4, named for the late civil rights leader Congressman John Lewis. In the House, Representatives Dina Titus, Steven Horsford, and Susie Lee cosponsored the legislation’s counterpart, H.R. 4, and voted to pass that legislation in August. Senate Republicans blocked that bill’s passage in early November.

“The power to vote is among the most sacred in the United States—our democracy only works if we are all able to participate in it,” Susie Martinez, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Nevada State AFL-CIO said.  “Workers’ rights and voting rights cannot be separated. Protecting the right to vote also allows us to protect our rights to organize, to bargain, and to fight for the rights of workers on the job—and Nevadans are fortunate to have five leaders in Congress who fight to protect these rights and any bills that would enshrine protections for our democracy. The Freedom to Vote Act is just one step that working Nevadans need to ensure that they can make their voices heard in our elections—especially young voters, voters from communities of color, and voters with disabilities, who are disproportionately impacted by voter suppression laws.” 

Across the country, state lawmakers have introduced more than 500 voter suppression bills to make it harder for voters to get registered and cast ballots. The Freedom to Vote Act incorporates key measures that are urgently needed, including automatic voter registration, protecting and expanding vote by mail, and other steps to modernize our elections and protect the right to free and fair elections for all. 

Among other things, the Freedom to Vote Act will:

  • Allow for same-day voter registration,

  • Establish automatic voter registration,

  • Protect and expand access to voting by mail,

  • Establish 15 days of early voting, including at least two weekends,

  • Restore voting rights to individuals who have been previously incarcerated,

  • Prevent partisan gerrymandering, and

  • Protect against voter intimidation.