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Nevada State AFL-CIO Supports Patient Protection Commission Bills, Emphasizes Stakes for Nevadans’ Health

Stephanie Justice
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CARSON CITY —  This afternoon, Nevada State AFL-CIO Executive Secretary-Treasurer Susie Martinez testified before the Assembly Committee on Health and Human Services in support of Assembly Bill 6, Assembly Bill 7 and Assembly Bill 11, all of which were brought forward by the Patient Protection Commission.

“The cost of and access to health care creates extreme and unneeded stress for working families. We must continuously work to ensure that every Nevadan has access to the affordable, high-quality health care that they deserve,” said Executive Secretary-Treasurer Susie Martinez. “I’d like to thank the Patient Protection Commission for bringing these issues to light, and I am looking forward to seeing these pieces of legislation create a healthier future for our state.

  • Assembly Bill 6: Establishes a ceiling that health care providers and insurance companies must keep health care cost increases under, as well as initiates a two-year project by the Patient Protection Commission to determine what the ceiling should be using knowledge regarding the processes of other states.

  • Assembly Bill 7: Requires that all health care providers have electronic health records that can be interchanged with other records, and allows patients free access to their health care records to send to providers that they choose.

  • Assembly Bill 11: Prevents hospitals from employing physicians and instead mandates health care facilities to contract with doctors instead and allow them to work at every hospital that doctors want access to.