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Nevada State AFL-CIO Marks Native American Heritage Month

Shelbie Swartz
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Las Vegas, Nev. — November 1 marks the start of Native American Heritage Month, to honor the history and culture of Native people of Nevada and the United States at large.

The Nevada State AFL-CIO Executive Secretary-Treasurer Susie Martinez released the following statement to recognize the month: 

“Today starts Native American Heritage Month, a period of time in which we recognize and honor the work and sacrifice of those who have lived on the lands we now occupy for more than 9,000 years. Today, our state remains home to 27 tribes, with members who frequently stand alongside our brothers and sisters in labor, and who join us as we live, work, and build on the land their ancestors cared for. As the labor movement fights to keep our state working and moving forward, we must also take time to honor the first stewards of Nevada’s lands: the Numu, Newe, Nuwu, and WaSheShu. We thank them for their contributions and sacrifices to our state, and we hope to carry them with us in our work.”