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Nevada State AFL-CIO Denounces Governor Lombardo’s Veto of AB235

Stephanie Justice
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CARSON CITY —  Today, Nevada State AFL-CIO Executive Secretary-Treasurer Susie Martinez released the following statement condemning Governor Lombardo’s veto of Assembly Bill 235, a piece of legislation would have ensured that workers who perform custom fabrication on a public work receive a prevailing wage: 

“Every single trades worker in Nevada should be entitled to a prevailing wage. Governor Lombardo’s veto of Assembly Bill 235 is disheartening, especially as he advocates for the implementation of large-scale and financially taxing construction projects across our state. He should know that every single worker on a public works project provides essential labor for our communities and makes up the foundation of our economy. Despite this setback, the Nevada State AFL-CIO will continue to be a champion for our brothers and sisters in the trades and work to guarantee that all of our workers are paid the wages that they deserve.”