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Nevada State AFL-CIO Applauds Legislative Democrats’ Proposed Measures to Improve Compensation and Benefits for State Employees

Stephanie Justice
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CARSON CITY —  This morning, the Nevada State AFL-CIO, which represents over 120 unions and 150,000 members, applauded Legislative Democrats for proposing increased incentives for state employees in today’s budget meeting. In the long run, these measures would help recruit and retain employees in state agencies, which are experiencing a 21% overall vacancy rate.

“Our state employees work hard to ensure that Nevada is continuously on the move. During the pandemic, when our economy and everyday lives were put to a halt, they were working day in and day out to help people across our state and get us to where we are today,” said Executive Secretary-Treasurer Susie Martinez. “Our state agencies have been facing daunting vacancy rates, and we can’t put a band-aid solution on a longstanding problem. That’s why, today, Legislative Democrats have made it a priority to guarantee that state employees receive the pay, benefits, and long-term security that they deserve. I urge the legislature to swiftly pass Democrats’ proposed package and hope that Governor Lombardo recognizes that it will create a better future for the state of Nevada.”

Legislative Democrats brought forward the following benefits for state employees:

  • A 2% to take effect April 1sst, an additional 8% to 10% pay increase to begin July 1st, 2023, and then an additional 4% pay increase to begin July 1, 2024;
  • Reinstatement of longevity pay;
  • Retention bonuses of $250 per quarter over the next two fiscal years;
  • Increasing the employer side Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS) contribution;
  • Addressing the rising cost of health care by increasing state health savings accounts for state employees and their families;
  • The package represents upwards of a 25% take home pay increase by the end of 2024.