Nevada Labor Movement Celebrates Assemblywoman Maggie Carlton

Carson City, Nev. — Today, the Labor movement of Nevada celebrated the legacy of Assemblywoman Maggie Carlton, the longest-serving woman legislator and long-time chair of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee, as her final term in the Nevada Legislature comes to an end. 

Carlton, a member of the Culinary Union Local 226, has now served the maximum number of terms in both houses of the Legislature and worked to advocate for Nevada’s working people and families during the entirety of her tenure. To mark the occasion, labor leaders in Nevada released the statements below:

“Working people in Nevada will never be able to repay Assemblywoman Maggie Carlton the debt of gratitude that we owe her. Her steadfast advocacy has led to an untold number of improvements in the lives of Nevadans, and the labor movement was stronger with her by our side,” said Rusty McAllister, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Nevada AFL-CIO. “Carson City will not be the same without Maggie chairing a Committee or fighting fiercely for what she believes is right. Maggie is a force to be reckoned with and our movement for working people is better as a result of her time in the Legislature.”

“From waitress to shop steward to Nevada State Senator and Assemblywoman, Maggie Carlton has been a role model, inspiration and great friend to Nevada workers. Pick a committee or area of concern and you'll find that Maggie has been there, providing valuable input as a member, Vice-Chair or Chair,” said Mike Pilcher, President of the Northern Nevada Central Labor Council. “Maggie's unselfish priority is to help others. She has dedicated her life to building a better Nevada and raising the standards of living in our communities. We are eternally grateful for her devotion, sacrifices and legacy.”

“Assemblywoman Carlton has never backed down from a fight on behalf of Nevada’s working people and families. She is an amazing advocate for all Nevadans, and an amazing person who has dedicated two decades to serving our state,” said Beverly William, Executive Secretary of the Southern Nevada Central Labor Council. “Maggie has fought for our state and our movement tirelessly during her time in Carson City, and we are so grateful for her leadership and her love for Nevada.”

Before entering the Legislature, Carlton worked as a waitress at Treasure Island and was a member of the Culinary Union Local 226. As steward, she had the opportunity to introduce President Bill Clinton to her brothers and sisters in the union. Carlton first served the state of Nevada in the State Senate after winning her election in 1998, before reaching her maximum number of terms and entering the Assembly following the 2010 election. Carlton also serves as executive director of nonprofit ULAN, or United Labor Agency of Nevada.

In her final session, Carlton championed A.B. 227 to end contractor misclassification and exploitation. This crucial bill will protect consumers, protect workers, and ensure that construction jobs in Nevada continue to offer good pay where workers can retire with dignity.