AFL-CIO Speaks Out Against Nevada Ballot Question 3


July 2, 2018

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National AFL-CIO Speaks Out to Urge Nevadans to Vote No on Nevada Ballot Question 3

The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) in Washington, D.C. issued a strong statement today against Nevada ballot question #3, which seeks to reduce regulation of Nevada's energy market. 

Opponents of the question say the initiative is a dangerous constitutional experiment that throws Nevada's energy future into uncertainty, a move that could ultimately cost Nevadans billions. The AFL-CIO adds that the legislation is a threat to Nevada's skilled workforce and working families.

Statement by AFL-CIO Government Affairs Representative William Samuel:

I want to take a moment to let you know that the National AFL-CIO is firmly opposed to Nevada ballot question number 3, and stands in strong support of the No On 3 campaign.

We urge to you to vote against question 3, and to participate in the No On 3 campaign so that this anti-worker, anti-consumer initiative is not permanently enshrined in the Nevada constitution.

Nevada’s working families can defeat this initiative by spreading the word to friends, family members and coworkers that this initiative is not about consumer choice. It is about the desire of billionaire casino and server farm operators to use their market power to cut a good deal for themselves while leaving every-day Nevadans to fend for themselves against out-of-state investors and power suppliers. 

Nevada has fair and just electricity rates that are determined in public hearings under 
procedures that mandate that power companies must serve all of Nevada. That is good for Nevada, good for our families, and good for high-quality union jobs. Please join us in supporting the No On 3 campaign. 

The Nevada State AFL-CIO is working with the No On 3 campaign to ensure all Nevadans understand the gravity of what question 3 proposes, and its threat to the Nevada labor community, Nevada consumers and families that depend on fair electricity rates and policy.


Through political advocacy and leadership, the Nevada State AFL-CIO works to improve the lives, opportunities, and working conditions of Nevada's working men and women. We represent more than 150,000 union members and their families across the state.