Nevada Labor History Videos

Brothers and Sisters,
Special thanks goes to Brother Ron Kaminkow, Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and the Julia C. Bulette Chapter of the E Clampus Vitus (ECV)  for getting our labor videos posted up onto YouTube for everyone to watch. There is a lot of labor history in Nevada and these videos show an important part of it. Follow this link to watch all four of the videos. 
The series includes:
-- The Rise and Fall of the Comstock Miners Union (1870s - 1910)
-- Goldfield and the New World Order of the IWW (1900 - 1920)
-- Building of the Hoover Dam (1930s)
-- The "Right-to-Work" offensive of Big Business (post WW2)
In Solidarity,
Rusty McAllister
Executive Secretary Treasurer
Nevada State AFL-CIO