Happy Holidays, and thank you.

Brothers and Sisters, as we prepare to take time with family and friends this Thanksgiving, I'm reaching out to you—our labor family—to say thank you. Your efforts in the Nevada Labor 2018 campaign resulted in record voter turnout across the state, and the installation of a record number of pro-union candidates. Of any state, the labor wave was arguably most powerful in Nevada. 

With the labor community's help, Nevada voters unseated Dean Heller, whose betrayal of Nevadans on healthcare and his vote to confirm pro-corporate, anti-labor candidate Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court put Nevada's working people at risk. We elected Steve Sisolakas governor—not just a friend to labor, but a frequent helping hand at our Labor 2018 canvassing events. We not only elected pro-union candidates up and down the ticket, we installed Nevada's first majority female legislature and state Supreme Court. And we defeated the hotly-contested ballot question 3—a stunning upset to wealthy Nevadans and corporate energy users who were all but certain it would pass easily. But they didn't count on us.

Those are just a few of the many big gains made for working Nevadans on November 6, and we couldn't have made them without you. I want to take this opportunity to recognize Nevada State AFL-CIO office and field staff for their hard work as well. As usual, you went above and beyond in service to Nevada's union members and you have our gratitude.

Click here for full election results.

Photo credit: Matt Kimball, IATSE Local 720

Now, it's time to look ahead. We're transitioning from election mode to legislative mode, and looking forward to working with our newly-elected lawmakers and representatives on issues important to working people in our state. There are many, including:

  • Continued economic development and job creation, to ensure a strong economy that not only keeps Nevadans working, but supports living wages for all.
  • Fighting for collective bargaining rights for state employees.
  • Securing access to and protections for healthcare benefits for all Nevadans.

And so much more.

Once more, thank you for your energy, your advocacy, your time. We're lucky to live in a state that has shown us it values the rights of workers, and we're lucky to serve a community of hardworking men and women willing to stand up for those rights. 

Happy Holidays.

In solidarity,

Rusty McAllister
Executive Secretary-Treasurer
Nevada State AFL-CIO